Thursday , May 6 2021

Julian Serrano whispered why his girlfriend, Malena Narvay, did not go to encourage her dancing

They danced with bachata with Sofi Morandi in the Bailando semifinal, Julián Serrano was asked about the absence of his girlfriend, Malena Narvay, at ShowMatch. "He has to follow the house, I do not know why he did not come," he tried to break into.

"Is not he coming?" Asked Tinelli. "It hurts I did not want to pressure or compromise," said youtuber.

"She's jealous!" Risk of Chinese Chinese D & amp; Angelo. "Not because I told him what he felt, I do not think he did not want Ángel de Brito to ask him uncomfortable questions," Serrano blew.

"He learns from Cubero that he is the same, he even campaigned for Mica, something he did not do to another (Nicole Neumann), bombered the LAM driver and the jury.

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