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La Camapan Senator, who has condemned abuses, did not divorce and tensions in the group – 12/16/2018

Jorge Romero, who condemns sexual harassment as La Cámpora's leader, has not yet divorced in the Senate of the province. Although he moved from his political position to a group, until Sunday this was not clear If you end up permanently in your place or ask for permission.

The Senator's charge caused tensions and debates in a state that led to Máximo Kirchner, the national deputy and the former president's son. Their environment is anticipated that knowledge is known in these hours.

Romero nicknamed "El Loco" and the director of Florencio Varela, was Buenos Aires Coordinator "orga" in recent years, dealing with Máximo Kirchner, a position where he came to the provincial legislature.

In Camporism, Romero belongs to Andrés "Cuervo" Larroque, Secretary-General of the National Level Group, and one of the three states where it was divided during the reign of K. K. Two others were led by José Ottavis and Eduardo "Wado" De Pedro.

The Romero appeal was heard last week. Stepanhie Calo said she was seeking to force her to do oral sex with her and three other people. The Senator published a letter in which he anticipated that he would abandon his political duties. Even though this was interpreted as rid of his bank, it was later found that he referred to his position in the La Campora structure.

"We have another point of view: it was an accusation and we do not say, like others, that justice has been defined, fact acknowledged and measures taken", explained K-Manager toot referring to the case of the radical Senator Juan Carlos Marino.

In these hours, UCR's youth through President Luciana Rached rejected Marino when she was called to call her version of events.

At the same time, a sad appeal was made by a Cambiemos clerk who committed suicide when a young woman said through Facebook's video that she had raped her at the age of 13.

Romero's situation is defined in these lessons. Last week, when his public comment was self-evident, he left the bank and at La Plata say that the administrative process began to take over by his deputy, former Education Minister Graciela Giannettasio.

From a political point of view, there is resistance to bankruptcy because, in addition, he would be the leader of another political orientation in peronism. The second question is the rejection that other leaders are privately reflecting in order to set a precedent in the face of possible opposing accusations.

The topic was the reason discussion table in girl group and it was shot in the middle of a political tension Larroque and other leaders. Larroque always indicated the most difficult and least negotiated position when De Pedro became mediator.

The group is explained that, following Romero's personal decision, she is determined to let her out of her role and political role in La Campora, but that they could also make an extra decision if necessary.

In the debate on the Romero case, a different accusation against La Cámpora leaders was discussed, and Máximo Kirchner introduces a participatory language through Citizen Unity's federal capital.

On Saturday at the Plenary Session of UBA's Faculty of Social Sciences, the national vice-president – who plans to re-election in the Buenos Aires province – appeared with CABA's neighbors, political, social and professional leaders.

In this context, he spoke of the "candidate", the generic language of the generic, which they say also began to use in private conversations.

"House Rosada and its satellites have been trying to install the fear of investors that the" candidate "of this political state will win" Max said in his speech.

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