Thursday , May 6 2021

La Dolfina won the Las Monjitas and was the sixth consecutive number of the Palermo Open champion

Dolfina he did it again, even before the tournament appeared, the Quartet, who had been eliminated by Ellerstina, another candidate to reach the finals. The team led by Adolfo Cambias won 17-12 at Las Monitas and won Argentina's Open Match in Palermo's sixth consecutive number and twelve possibilities in its history. Shocking numbers that illustrate several champions.

A Argentine fuel field Knownly, Monjitas offered a strong opposition. When Guillermo Caset was on a high level, he succeeded in advancing in the first and second Chukker (3-2 and 6-3). La Dolfina needed Cambiason, who was 43 at her best translate the result.

Adolfito changed to 12 goals (7 penalties) to push their team towards sanctification and become the most valuable matchmaker in the match. Caset collected ten conquests and was close to making history. But La Dolfina's mysticism weighed more. And its members re-image the rewards, their families and their tradition.

Dolfina: Adolfo Cambiaso (10), David Stirling (10), Pablo Mac Donough (10), Juan Martín Nero (10). Total difficulty 40.

Las Monjitas: Facundo Sola (9), Hilario Ulloa (10), Guillermo Caset (10) and Santiago Toccalino (8). Disadvantage: 37


It reached 15 pieces in Palermo (three on Ellerstina in 1994, 1997 and 1998) and five Juan Carlos Harrii, who kept the Argentine side open 20 times.

"Win six consecutive years here is amazing, I do not know how many other heads I have left, the age limit. I am happy with the organization from achieving its friendship and team. I think we had the goals we had to do and I was right with the penalties. We must celebrate and arrange for ourselves to continue the fight, "he said when the celebration was celebrated.

La Dolfina had already won the Tortugas Open, while Ellerstina had put off Hurlingham, leaving Adolfito in power without a "triple crown". However, the Cañuelas series celebrated Argentina's fuel cell. And when choosing a chapter is underlined "I'm returning to Palermo, what it means, and from the triple crown we got two out of three tournaments, not bad, right?".

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