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La Voz Argentina: Braulio was the winner of a reality show

Marley interviewed the winner together with her coach

Four singers, Amorina Alday, Braulio Assanelli, Juliana Gallipoliti and Lucas Belbruno,

Argentine voice

, a musical reality that once again captured television. And on Sunday night he presented four participants who met each other in the final stage of the cycle, as Braulio was the biggest winner in the competition.

The night began with the Quartet rhythm "Un poco loco", the classic of Sergio Denis. When the number,


He briefly talked to everyone and the feeling of nerves and emotions took to the stage. The driver gave the experts this:



Tini Stoessel


Soledad Pastorutti


Ricardo Montaner

. The first speaker was Sole, who recalled that in the last version of the reality show he won his membership
team, Gustavo Corvalán. And the jury, very moved, looked at Lucas and said: "For me, it is customary that I am sorry for my family, but I feel that this evening can be for everyone, because there are four different styles, and a lot of talent."

Montaner was also well-mobilized and said, "This is a strange night, confused feelings, I tried to explain a few words that these four months have been very strong to me, from reunion to my roots and it has helped me to know New People Today is the night we celebrate the success we have achieved, but at the same time I leave, so I have a strange feeling that the coach wins, is completely irrelevant, and I feel like he is now winning this program. "

In his turn, Tini also made a statement: "I am very grateful to all who have passed through me.
team, and today supports Julia; I am very proud of what he grew up. But as the guys said, they all have great talent. "Axel finally said," Here we are a great friend, and that's a good time. And let the winner come out, here we all win. And in the spirit
Argentine voice they are participants. "

Duets with the coach

The next step in the final report introduced participants who share their chat rooms with their coaches and then interpreted them as a duo. The first was Amorina, who checked his story with Axel and reported that from the age of 13 she began singing the first cumbia and then other songs that let him grow from her love of music. Next, the singer with the young singer made "I Love You".

Secondly, Juliana explained to Tin why she chose Stoessel as coach and said, "He gave me something very cute, he's got to say things so smoothly that I could not go with her." Juliana, the native Corrientes, saw a collection of greetings from family and friends who sent her greetings and wished her much luck. Finally, both presented "Quiero Volver".

Back to the living room, Sole and Lucas were a moment of dialogue. He remembers that he is from his team because he had stolen it in the battle. Lucas thanked Pastorutti and said, "It's great to be here in the last program, it's great." Axelilla first, and later with the Sun I learned a lot, and both have had the ability to improve what you have, and that it is fine. "Sole stressed that Lucas" is a mushroom what you say is immediately sucking it, "and then both made" Live is Today ".

The fourth place was Braulio and Montaner. The participant said that when deciding who to leave, he felt listening to the Venezuelan musician's songs behind him and decided it. Montaner felt that the ability of a young man fell in love with everyone and that Sole told him that this would be the winner of the competition. "Now it feels like Braulio like I'm his father, I am very proud of what he did," he said. Then they made Valentín Alsina's singer a true hymn: "So enamorado".

Call numbers

Throughout the night, the four finalists were also alone to present different songs. The first was Lucas, who made "Seré" and had applause from experts. Montaner said he was "wonderful" and Sole, his coach, said, "I feel very mobilized, I want to tell you that I love you very much and that you always leave me on a brushed skin." Tini also thanked her: "There are no words to describe what you are on the stage, your voice generates much peace," and finally Axel said, "You have a special aura, how the frequency vibrates and spreads to everyone."

Torque later Braulio tulkasi "Hoy tengo ganas de ti" and then a participant commented: "I am proud of all the people who voted, I feel like I'm here because I received a lot of praise from Argentina".

At the time of return Axel said: "Even though we know he has talent, today I heard you singing Braulio and this makes me very happy and you are a good student who can always give more." Tini, on the other hand, remarked, "You are very cool to sing, and you're gossiping a gal party, it's always nice to hear you sing". Sole congratulated her and told her that her
performance It was "incredible," and he greeted the people of Uruguay through Braulio. Finally, Montaner stressed: "Thou hast kept singing I kill, whom I admire a lot, and I am glad that I turned my first day and I directed my steps here."

My third solo played Amorina, who sang "Como la Flor". On returning to Ricardo, he saw that he "could win quietly" while Sole celebrated that he saw a "personal stamp". Tini said he had a great voice, and his coach Axel said: "He was one of the most versatile competitors of the genre, he always took risks and looked a bit more, today I see you radiant, pure and sweet voice and step on the stage with safety, you would have been your career for many years, and your name is a star. "

The last show was Juliana. After singing "I Say a Little Prayer", Montaner can not help but get rid of the praise: "We're all celebrating you." Sole felt that he "always goes one step forward" and stressed: "It always inspires me a lot". Tini, his coach, said:.. "I admire you a lot, Juli suffers from panic attacks and suffered a lot before going on stage I am glad that today you are here, you are very brave, and you do not have a roof, I am very pleased with you, and if it it will not happen, for me you are already a winner ". After closing, Axel congratulated Corrientes' participant and said: "Tini always strikes many chips from you and in the last two or three races I tell you that you are a star."

A decisive moment

After midday, Marley announced that the audience voted in favor and that the winner knew who the winner was. First, he announced the fourth, which answered Juliana. "I am very grateful to all the people and Tiniille, I am very happy, this program gave me a lot". The third place went to Amorina.

In the last few minutes of the program, the driver revealed that Braulio was the first place, leaving Lucas the second. Montaner
coach the participant went to take her immediately. That's how it culminated
Argentine voice, the very popular round announced by Marley has already secured the edition for 2019.

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