Sunday , March 7 2021

Live: Workshops play against Aldosivi Superliga | MundoD, Córdoba's best sports site

Workshops get Aldosiv's Supeliga to date 12 and must continue to win on the table.

Television lives Fox Sports and Fox Sports Play can be watched online (football must be activated).

What happened in the match

Picture from Pedro Castillo

Heat and the court can be complete excuses to explain the Workshop's bad first time. Aldosivi's plan was clear and was expected to go fast. But T made it easier to catch the ball just wide of the opponent's field.

Neither Ramirez nor Maroni appeared in the first stage. Very inaccurate and low mobility.

Picture from Pedro Castillo

The only one who understood to play was Bustos, who fought hard, pressured and directed as many as he could.

It was on the pages where the workshops most suffered, Pisano and Iritier, who were very attentive to take advantage of potential losses at the outset.

Mundo D's coverage


workshops: Guido Herrera; Leonardo Godoy, Juan Cruz Komar, Miguel Araujo and Facundo Medina; Joel Soñora, Pablo Guiñazú and Juan Ramírez; Gonzalo Maroni; Nahuel Bustos and Diego Valoyes. DT: Juan Pablo Vojvoda.

Aldosivi: Luciano Pocrnjic; Emanuel Iñiguez, Emiliano Amor, Leonel Galeano and Lucas Villalba; Federico Gino, Dardo Miloc and Juan Galeano; Matías Pisano, Andrés Chávez and Javier Iritier. DT: Gustavo Álvarez.

changes: PT, 27m Lautaro Guzmán, Valoyes (T).

booked: Guiñazú (T), Gino (A). referee: Fernando Rapallini. Stadium: Mario Alberto Kempes.

This is how the workshops are in the tables




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