Mason without his feet hit his wife and his 10-year-old son stabbed him to death. | chronicle


by Fernando Vázquez
[email protected]

As a result of a violent family debate, his 10-year-old son broke into the wild 34-year-old murator who was abusing him because a disabled man had begun to beat his mother in the huge case of being registered in Buenos Aires, Pilar.

The San Iside court representatives revealed to that the unfortunate victim was identified Sergio Leonardo Juárez, 34, who worked as a mason despite the fact that his subfields were missing.

The reporters reported that a bloody case occurred in Cuba at 100, Barrio Agustoni, a northeastern state in the aforementioned district, in the northern part of the provincial center.

It was clear that Juarez began to beat his partner 35-year-old Andrea Buceta, which meant that the minors, seeing a dramatic situation to the detriment of their mother, quickly took a sharp knife and applied it to him. exact wound into the lumbar region to its parent.

Juarez was later abolished at the Juan Cyrilo Sanguinetti Central Hospital in Pilar. Officials of the Agustoni separation are responsible for the investigation, what happened.

In the present case, headed 'Henkirikos', a doctor Paula Romero, the prosecutor for the Pillar's law on juvenile delinquency, which is under San Iside's Justice Department.

Sergio Juárez, he worked as a mason.


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