Mazzan's husband ordered her to lose weight and she defended her


"I thought it was very fun," said Alejandro Gravier, a defense model for the delivery of childbirth, although he explains that "he is not a tyrant"

Mazzan's husband ordered her to lose weight and she defended her

Valeria Mazza: low profile in the storm / mesh

Valeria Mazza made a career far, far from the scandals: the top model, never came to the national folly, and always chose a low profile and distance to preserve elegance. Until now: in recent weeks he has added controversy to his statements that tried to proportionate on Saturday "PH we can talk".

Firstly, Valeria spoke of feminism and said that she thinks it is great that women are fighting their rights after so many years of inequality, but "what I do not like when women lose femininity in this fight. We do not have to be in the same place than men, because we are not equal. We came to the world for different things. "

When he was killed on Twitter, a day later, Mirtha Legrand, after summoning the program, Mazza told her husband Alejandro Gravier's claims after each of four pregnancies and when the dispute came to an end. "Is it true that I have shown you a picture beforehand and I said:" You have to be re-skinny like this photo? "Diva asked him, and she answered yes and laughed," Yes. Damn it, cursed! "

The product was a blink of light, the reason for this ex-model this weekend, leaving the situation on the deserts "PH, we can talk" and defending Gravier after the critics that they received by saying "I laughed" because it felt very comfortable. I think it's fun. But, after the "Gravier tyrann", it's not like that. "

"I have enjoyed aggravating terribly I've got 20 pounds of pregnancy I've never worked with pregnant because I enjoy them then I go to work, so that I would be good and I would go back to work why children have been three years:…. It took some time to recover and returned to work. I enjoyed them a lot, and he did not ask for anything, "he explained.

When the driver asked, Andy Kusnetzoff, if he had had postpartum depression, the model replied: "Yes, but badly." Five days after the birth I was at home with the people and started crying and saying, "It's hormones, that's all good." people looked at me. "Alejandro said," It's over, nothing happens. "


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