Saturday , May 8 2021

Meghan Mark's Dad Queen Elizabeth of England's sad Christmas prayer

Sussex's daddy, Meghan Markle, ordered her daughter to British television.

Thomas Markle, Father's father Meghan Markle, appeared on British television to publicly publish an order for her daughter, whom she has not seen after the wedding with Prince Harry.

In an interview with "Good Morning Britain" program, Father Sussex DuchessHe said he was disappointed to be seeing his daughter and that he would like to meet her in the coming feast days.

Prince Harry and his "obsessed" to defend Meghan Markle, why?

"I love you so muchYou are my daughter and I really want to hear from you. No matter what the differences we have, we should be able to solve them. He has always been polite to everyone, he has never been rude to anyone, "Thomas had already emphasized in the October memorandum.

Now a man wants his "passport" with his daughter when he has worked with some of the paparazzi so they can get him out private photos.

Thomas Markle, used the shipment to be sent good Christmas wishes to her daughter, Prince Harry, who in turn told her she was spending her holidays with her friend.

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