Wednesday , March 3 2021

Mendozan officials visited China's largest electric car factory

More than 20 factories and 220 thousand workers, BYD is one of China's most important technology companies. The official delegation arrived at a headquarters led by Martín Kerchner, Minister of Economy, Infrastructure and Energy, where he received several important business executives.

A visit to ban the eastern company to install the subsidiary Mendoza, a tour of industrial buildings and production lines for electric cars and buses and rechargeable batteries.

"An approach to these types of industries We want to deepen the relationship that enables this dimension of the company Mendoza to land on the best technology and battery development"Kerchner told.

Mendozan officials visited China's largest electric car factory

Even though the company started to install a collective production plant, Kerchner felt it was not an obstacle to finding Mendoza. "The main feeder for the batteries is lithium, whose mines are located in the northwestern part of the country and therefore its location in the immediate area makes it possible to significantly reduce the logistical costs of production and possible export of the product", Analyze the Minister.

The delegation from Emilio Guiñazu, the energy subcontractor and ProMendoza, led by Mr Mario Lázzaro, was received by Audrey Li, Director of Latin America, Business Director Isaac Attie and Sales Manager Jonathan Ríos.

"Also, the potential revenue of BYD is in line with our strategy of combining local companies with foreign investors in renewable energy sources. We hope to be able to advance and define these common points that we find between Mendoza and the company, "Guiñazú said.

For the third consecutive year, ByD has been the world's leading supplier of electronic devices over 113,000 units. He was born in 1995 as a small company offering batteries for mobile phone companies. In 2003, he acquired a car manufacturing plant and began to develop prototypes, and in 2005 he reached the market for his first car.

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