Sunday , May 16 2021

Mirko | a fun family day. | Diario Show

He has been watched and loved by a baby in the country. Marley is aware of it Mirko In just one year he won two Martín Fierro, surpassed 2 million followers and had architects.

That's why the driver "Argentine voice" take advantage of family moments to capture a small blonde to make fraud. In this context, Marley took her to lunch with her family and was seen on the videos she posted, eating bread and her grandmother by saying: "What he likes about cameras and what he eats".

In addition, the father of the most popular baby released a picture of the occasional lunch of Mirko, ending all the stains and people reacting quickly: "Enchastrado and everything is so cute, "" Looks like a bed "," I love her " They were some of them.

After lunch, Marley used Sunday's beautiful weather and threw her grass with her son and mother: "Later between grandma and grandson", He freed the joy.


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