Sunday , April 18 2021

Missing Child Deaths: What Happened to Parents in the United States and Spain

"You're dead, you're dead!", they called for a man at Santos Lugares who returned to his car at Santos Lugares. When he began to upset his hearing, he came to his vehicle and confirmed the worst: his daughter was no longer vital signs. He was dead choked in the baby's seat.

According to police sources, he would have missed him for several hours locked into the car. As a result, a 36-year-old man was arrested by the office of Attorney Alejandra Aillaud, UFI Nº1 de San Martín. Now she has to blame her own daughter, who is under one year old, for the wrong death.

What recently happened in the world with older cases that neglected their little children to the utmost?

At the end of October, Iowa, the United States, began experimenting with Zachary Koehnin, a baby less than four months old who died of dewatering and malnutrition. The authorities also decided that Koehn and her mother are also which the security forces are guarding during the trial.

Finally this Tuesday, the father was found guilty of "murder and exploitation of children by a deadly outcome" he announced New Herald. This sentence marks life imprisonment. A 21 year old mother is about to start.

Also in October, the case, which was very similar to the case of Santos Lugares, occurred in Florida, USA. The mother had forgotten the child for more than eight hours and died of heat stroke.

Emily Bird, 34, was arrested on charges of serious murder of a minor, her own son, Miami Herald.

In Madrid, Spain, there was another factor with common features. In this case, Dad forgot a 21-month-old baby in the car. The man had to take him to his nursery, but when he arrived, he forgot it and went straight to his job. The little girl was unconscious inside the car and eventually died.

Father was charged with "serious homicide", According to the Spanish portal 20 minutes. The police had arrested him, but he was examined and finally waited for the trial to proceed freely.

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