Tuesday , January 19 2021

"Morro" García crashed and Breathalyzer test gave him a positive result

Uruguayan football player Santiago Morro Garcíathat is working forward Godoy exceed, collided with Audi in Maldonado. Breathalyzer control was tested positive.

The event took place this Saturday on the streets of José Dodera and Arturo Santana in the city of Uruguay. García hit another vehicle where two elderly people traveled, According to El Observador's newspaper.

Gentileza / Marcelo Umpiérrez

The respirator provided to the player gave him a positive: 1.44 grams of alcohol per liter of blood. Tomba player is not injured and is fine.

Gentileza / Marcelo Umpiérrez

After that, he used a fine for the footballer (a sign of drunkenness and no respect) and his vehicle was confiscated by a court order.

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