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Nacho Fernández shines in Brazil: a memory of how it cost him to adapt to the river, that he misses class

Ignacio Fernández had no destiny of greatness. It appeared in gymnastics, but it took minutes, holy fire on the playing field. The space he found Temperley, where he scored 10 goals and gave 9 assists in 30 matches for the period 2011/2012. He returned to the woods where he played better every day, he was a midfielder in the living room, exit, arrived and panoramic, tactical and skillful, who came to the River in silence during 2016. Marcelo Gallardo He was already the owner of Monumental, featured in the 2014 South American Cup and 2015 Libertadores. And the best was still missing.

It wasn’t today’s Nacho: one plays in all midfield places and the attack (steering wheel, tow bar, number 5 metedor shadow and even left wing), he had a hard time adjusting, he didn’t feel comfortable enough. The doll was taken out gradually: more than once was dropped on a spare bench, surrounded by great comrades, deaf he heard praise and accusations almost equally. Unencrypted steering wheel, rustic drip, spirit was not through the roof.

Picture and two goals in the classic for Mineiro

“When I got to River, it cost me the most to adjust to the rhythm, also to the intensity of training I had a hard time finding my place on the field, but they helped me convince myself that I could do certain things, ”Nacho explained some time ago in a virtual conversation.

The intensity of the Gallardo style was too strong a demand for a young man with mature traits, but far from the family he shows today, at the age of 31. “Midfielders need to be patient and improve their reading of the game in both their own and the competitor’s moves, because many times is more important the movement of a person who does not have a ball the one who has it, ”he explained.

Other times: with red ribbon, almost always effective
Other times: with red ribbon, almost always effectiveCALLUS

With and without a ball Nacho came brain, another of his nicknames. “It doesn’t matter if you touch the ball a bit, but when you do, be productive, strong pass and good reception are very important. When you’re a boy, you naturally want to be in contact with the ball, paint goals, but the important thing is to learn to play as a team, doesn’t want to stand out and it makes you stand out, and it makes you play in the first division, ”he pondered.

Today he shines in Atlético Mineiro. River misses him, but Nacho doesn’t miss River. He laughs, quickly learns Portuguese and even dances, as can be seen on some digital records. He is happy: he got it quickly in Brazil, an incomprehensible situation if you remember how difficult it was to find your place in Núñez. And not just: in the first years of his career. “At first I had to change teams and I didn’t have much continuity, however I never stopped believing in myself and work hard to get things done.

Nacho’s goals on the River

Gallardo taught him to be a more perfect midfielder. And he misses him today: He has no natural substitute, and the fearless team game has ups and downs. José Paradela goes the same wayA: He has a hard time finding the river when he has been part of the Wolf. “I don’t feel pressure when they compare me to Nacho Fernández because I know what he’s like, we’ve talked and we’re similar. I hope to achieve something of everything he achieved and be at the highest level what the club asks for. On the river, they greeted me in the best possible way and it surprised me forever because it means it’s a beautiful campus. I am very happy, “said the midfielder, who plays a bit of a millionaire in the team.

Diego Maradona praised him, Juan Román Riquelme admired him. Nacho Fernández’s first three games at Atlético Mineiro are sensational. Against Coimbra: paint, aid, decisive transfer (they made a penalty). Against Caldense: Help. Against America Mineiro: two shouts and a win in the classic. They are competitors with no great hierarchy, true. But Nacho has already been adapted. Gallardo looks at him from a distance and has a lot of nostalgia.

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