Monday , March 1 2021

NASA: "Dolphin" running Jupiter clouds ?, Juno takes incredible photo | Space | Science | Technology and science

Scientist Seán Doran has sent a series of stunning images of the upper layers of the cloud in his Twitter account Jupiter , where you can see a similar image as dolphins passing the sea waves.

Doran has managed to acquire these original photographs using the space sensor information Juno NASA. "Dolphin swam in Jupiter's sky," wrote a scientist this week on his Twitter account in pictures.

This week, the US Space Agency released another spectacular image of the landscape featuring "stunning swirling clouds" forming a far north Jupiter.

(Source: RT in Spanish)


It is the fifth planet of the Solar System and it is named after the Jewish god Jupiter, Greek mythology, Zeus.

It's part of it outer planets. It's the biggest solar system whose mass is 318 times larger than country. Its volume is 1317 times higher than on Earth.

It is a on a gaseous planet which consists essentially of hydrogen and helium.

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