Natti Natasha introduced a bikini and the detail raises strong comments on networks


Through the Instagram account, Natti Natasha appeared on her beach day. But his followers saw something that caught their attention.

Natti Natasha He is a singer for a moment. Dominican 31-year-old does not stop to prosper around the world. That is why he is always in the storm, and this time his followers did not ignore the details of the picture.

Remember, days ago, the girl was very much criticized for being presented to the hospital. There he played the song and there was great restlessness since the letter was about sex and drugs.

Natti Natasha wounded all her senses

More than 8 million followers, Natti Natasha Share some moments he lives in his networks. Now the brunette showed his day of relaxation at Culebra Puerto Rico. Of course he looked like a sculptural figure under the sun's beam.

However, many fans are called to zoom in to a specific area because they remarked that the singer had "bulk". Quickly the picture was full of comments that led to many excursions, talking about it.

Metallic dress and "forbidden kisses": Natti Natasha caused Instagram


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