New high-speed HIV / AIDS testing center


The Ministry of Health has launched CEPAT's 19 celebration areas, which will allow the population to gain better access to the diagnosis after the implementation of the strategic plan, increasing the number of studies at an early stage in HIV / AIDS. sexually transmitted infections.

We have a very clear early diagnosis policy that goes hand in hand with a preventive strategy and working with the community, "said Ral Romn, Director of HIV AIDS Program, adding that it is important in preventing and treating. so that people get a quick test and then confirm via laboratory networks.

Romn then announced that in December the number was closed according to the 19 CEPAT trial, but it is clear that there are already 3,000 diagnostic investigations that are the total of 2017. Next, he explained that, unlike last year, the province doubled the number of rapid barriers acquisition in 2018, when it comes to a health alert aimed at dealing with serious responsibility and seriously sexually transmitted diseases.

The expert also pointed out that in hospitals and health care centers, people find counseling and testing centers, but also work hand in hand with the healthcare of women with the most outnumbered population. That is why I thanked the health care teams that strengthened the prevention of the primary centers and reached an average of 150 rapid tests per month.

The new Cepat is located at CAPS Ciudad de Nieva in San Salvador de Jujuy, which runs on Monday at 7.30-15. At the same time, you can use a quick, voluntary and confidential test to detect HIV-like illnesses, Sfilis and Hepatitis.


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