Online lending companies expect to grow after the volatility of the year


Fintech, which lend online loans, boosted demand this year, but are still cautious in their bid for financial instability and greater crime, but they expect next year to improve and they will launch new products. "One slows down or accelerates according to macroeconomic data and we see a risk in the default context," said Egoquiel Weisstaub, CEO and founder of Credicuotas, a member of Bind Group.
"We believe that Argentina is an excellent opportunity for what is the technology of the financial sector," he said.
Credicuotas expects to triple its customer base by 2019 and its portfolio has grown 7 times since 2016.
Facundo Vázquez, CEO of the Bind Group and President of the Bind Group, said: "The crisis is not a better opportunity, if one were to look at late payments in 2001, it did not borrow anymore, and at the moment we are not even close to 2001."
Credicuotas, offering over 2,000 million pesos, offers personal loans for trades to acquire durable goods and has 2,500 stores. and personal loans online.
Vázquez explained that they are planning a new development, such as the Credicuotas payment button, which "is ready to go on the market and do a test with the companies to launch it".
In Tuning, founder of Monte Fenttech, Juan Pablo Bruzzo, said that the company has "grown year by year by three and this year will grow slightly less," and then explained: "Not so much demand but caution before the Argentine interface and understanding if the real economy has an impact on crime.
In the financial system, the percentage increases and Moni is smaller. "


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