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Pampita, after hearing harsh criticism from Marina Calabro, “In this divine state I am in, everything slips into me.”

Pampita answered Marina Calabról (Video: “Pampita Online”, Net TV)

Shipment this Tuesday Pampita Online (Net TV) he had a certain fighting air. Is that Barby Franco, one of the panels, came to the floor to be shown with a photo Carolina Ardohain, alias Pampita, where.

I’m going to send you a photo I saw this morning in a streaming program, but I don’t have the data on my phone“Barby said after her presentation.” You know what you have to use on your phone to run out of data … “the driver replied.” No, no, besides that, the wi-fi here doesn’t work very well, say … or they passed me the password wrong, “Franco continued to take his shot and hit the crossbar.

“This is like a triangle of Bermuda shorts, the signal doesn’t extend to this,” Pampita admitted. And at that moment, a picture appeared on the screen. “What do we see this? “the driver asked. “Oh, this was what I wanted to send you, and I had no information, can you believe it?” Franco demanded before the announcement: an abduction from today’s program Morning Angels (El Trece) where was it Marina Calabró interviewed together with a convincing chart:Pampita must be grateful to Lanata and me“Said the text addressed to Calabra.

“What does it say?”, Ask Pampita and Franco replied, “Ah, Marina Calabró said today that you should be grateful to her and Lanata”. “Why? Let’s see …” wanted to know Pampita Online’s host.

"I don’t know her, we don’t share a boyfriend, we don’t share a job, nothing.  I never saw him in my life, it seems to me", said Pampita Marina of Calabró
“I don’t know him, we don’t share a boyfriend, we don’t share a job, nothing. I’ve never seen him in my life, it seems,” Pampita said of Marina Calabró

To give context, an explanation. In an interview with LAM Angel de Brito – the director of that program, he asked Calabro: “Why does Lanata hate Pampita? I hear they ignore it enough Lanata without filter, ”He wanted to know about the attitude of Pampita Online towards Radio Miter. “He says he’s interested in Pampita, that he’s put capital into his hiring and that he wants at some point 1. I don’t know, so he told me …“Calabró said and released a laugh that had been inflicted with evil Yanina Latorre.

”¡Don’t be silly anymore, you’re worse than Lanata! He didn’t even know the Pampita program existed, you put it on to give it to poor Pampita. And it’s already a column in the program, ”Latorre shot him. “Look, Pampita hates him, he’s as embarrassing as we are, ”De Brito intervened. “Sight, more distribution than the Lanata Sin filter, I don’t think Pampita Online is on any radio show. It hurts that after the work he deserved, all of this affected Lanata. I have a simple messenger, “replied Marina.

What fascinates Lanata in Pampita’s program is the posting itself. (…) She doesn’t watch the program, but gets an idea of ​​the surgeries I’m taking for her, “Calabró described of the treatment they’re doing. Lanata without filter model program. “Then you hurt him,” de Brito closed. At that moment, a contradictory chart appeared, although Marina Calabró never uttered a sentence.

Back in Pampita Online and with the chart on screen, Carolina replied, “Do they have anything personal? I’m not saying LAM, but this girl. That I, the truth, I don’t know her, we don’t share a boyfriend, we don’t share a job, nothing. I never saw him in my life, I guess. And if I saw him, I don’t remember him”.

“But what about our program? Do what you want, have fun, guys. Whatever they say, nothing happens, we’re not hooked here. They can’t, less in this divine state where I am, that everything slips, goes, slides, slides …, ”Closed Pampita, while she caressed her pregnant belly, waiting for her first drink Roberto Garcia Moritan.


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