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Pierre Richard: "There are so many abusers in this world, maybe my characters have been so successful because"

Who saw the 70's in the last century High, light and black They knew their main character was a single cartoon. This not only surpassed the expressive talent of other comedians, but he had different resources. Pierre Richard combine the blank Louis de Funes, Physical and physical resources of 20 and 30 best physical comedies Chaplin.

A young aristocrat Pierre Richard Maurice Leopold Defayshad started the film career a few years earlier, in 1968 Goodbye to Alejandro. Movie on film the first night Yves Robert, it became the world's humor.

During the Mar del Platan International Film Festival's 33rd Annual Report, Richard received a prize for his career on Tuesday. It seremoniikkiin he was excited, but despite some celebrations, he kept the mood: "The larger the distances are, the more my feelings, that's why I'm so surprised to see people like he wants so much, it is something that moves me to the deepest level." and added: "The first time I came to Argentina, it was 40 years ago and there I had the privilege of knowing Maradona. I told her, "You're going to make a great career". And I was not wrong, right?"

The master of French humor is marked for authors who love the character, and because this creation, personal and non-transferable, they become the creator of all of their movie releases. In the interview, Infobae-cultural, Pierre Richard she smiles, ready to laugh and humorously answer many of her own words. Speak as an intelligent and characteristical person.

This man, who worked over a hundred films, does not fully agree that the concept of the author is appropriate. "I have a confused, rebellious and unkind character, it is my original creation, then other leaders came and asked me to take with me. Yves Robert, Francis Veber or Claude Zidi and then lend to them the character ", she stops, prepares for almost an auction and adds" I did not really give him the characters, I sold them "

He is recognized as a filmmaker who also directed the mainstream. Between 1970 and 1997, there were 7 films. Of these, they met in Argentina Amazed (1970) and I do not know anything, but I say everything (1973). If his great appearance was realized with Yves Robert's aforementioned film, his reputation came with him I have mustard (1974) by Claude Zidi. Later, the series of films featured together Gerard Depardieu During the 80's decade.

Despite his long career and recognition he continues to get around the world, he says he does not understand his success "I do not understand why humor works, I do not know why I do my best. I am the first man who surprised his own success as well. Actually, the first leader, who was also the first producer, felt better than me. He told me, "you are not an actor, you are a sign". Maybe if I was alive I could answer what everyone is asking me and I do not know how to answer. "

Even his last movie What if we all live together? (2011) (2017) or small participation Lost in Paris (2016), Richard holds the keys to let us think about his matrix of humor. The character, as he himself explains, is unsuccessful in the world. Reality usually plays against you. But at the same time it brings with it the word and the work of internal dissociation, between life and will, which creates a fine and critical humor. Finally, his performance is regarded as a surprising physical work because he always avoids overcoming the unbreakable discomfort.

"There are two or three things that are always my character, they tell me they're poetic characters, I do not know they're wrong, I know it. My characters are really wrong, they are not very good in the world. Sometimes they are large and sometimes small. Because there are so many Misfits that can not fit into this world, maybe my characters are so successful that because of that. I am personally a little bit wrong. Unmatched by my own aristocratic family, I wanted to make my family a comedian in the world, and I do not agree, "analyzed Richard.

As they explained in different places Charles Chaplin and Sigmund Freud, humor is called in relation to the interpellation by order. Economic, social, family, religious, there would be no humor unless the order broke down. If the order is replaced at the beginning, the comedy becomes conservative if the final balance, such as a movie theater Jerry Lewis or Richard himself, resisting initial order, comedy is critical. Richard claims that his films are critical works. In this sense, other writers, Toy (1976).

"In the film Toy of Francis Veber is a powerful criticism of money order and power. Maybe he inspired me to come from a very rich family that does not fit. The film had a strong social criticism, such as his own film, in which I tried to criticize advertising, television excruciating games that stupid people or even I have done for the arms trade. In other comedies like the year High, light and black, which is a comedy about spying and counter-service, it can not be said that established order is a criticism. "

Pierre Richard has photographed in Latin America more than once. He emphasizes humor in relation to the region by saying that his wife is Brazil. But few know that he came from a Cuban film document Che Guevara Towards the end of the 1980s, he spoke for a long time Fidel Castro, which he considered "one of the greatest 20th-century characters" and whose last filming on the island was in 2016, when Patrick Granperret filmed I was a banker.

"I have an important relationship with Cuba, but also with Latin America, I was in Cuba for the first time with a journalist with a movie with a documentary about Che Guevara and the truth is that I loved it, they called me many times and traveled to Cuba for 7 or 8. Of course I like her music And the mojitos, but all started with the documentary Che. In Mexico I also like a lot. Bad foot (1981) Gerard Depardieu 3 months. Despite the differences, I feel much closer to Latin America than to Norway. "

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