Friday , February 26 2021

Place of "Unexplained" Finals – August 11, 2018

AFA released an emotional video in which Benedetto and Pity Martínez were the main character: "Vivila, discusila, festejala, compartila.

It's a unique end. Historic. Everyone is talking everywhere. Boca River, River Boca Libertador, nothing else. And AFA was responsible for sending an event that made it "incomprehensible". Same as Bielsa, which is defined as a party of dreams.

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Unique passion

AFA's institutional video superfinal.

The video showed the historical details of Argentine football, such as the historic two of the best, Messi and Maradona. That blessing in 78. A country that lived with several presidents in one week and won it. And now she lives in "unexplained" final, Pipa Benedetto and Pity Martínez participate in their words. And with Chiqui Tapia: "Do not try to understand it, enjoy it".

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