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Restlessness in Mendoza: Peteroa volcanoes grow in Chile – 12/16/2018

During the past few hours, he met the Peteroa Volcano (4 084 meters) its increase in activity, causing some concern in the south of Mendoza, furthermore, the authorities assure that extending the ashes will not affect the population of the region.

The Chilean National Geology and Mining Department (Sernageom) issued a report on this Sunday which stressed that the increase in activity is "seismically characterized by a low intensity (less than 4 square centimeters) associated with pulsed gas removal and low altitude, less than 800 meters, particulate matter emissions ".

He also stated that "they can happen new episodes such as those registered after the last hour and even more energy ".

For this reason yellow alarm Peteroa, located on the border between Argentina and Chile. This means that "the volcano is above its basic threshold and that the process is erratic, are able to develop levels even up or down. Therefore, a likely outbreak may develop in a week or months, "explains National Emergency Office of Inni, the Ministry of the Interior and the National Public Health Institute (Onemi).

However, Malargüe's Civil Defense chief removed the complications from the southern capital of Mendoza. "The tendency for intensity decreases and there is no danger to the population and animals," said Daniel Rodriguez. toot.

Wind direction also helps the volcanic ash does not approach the town of Malargue, located about 100 kilometers from the volcano, the official explained.

The Chilean authorities also assert that there is no problem with the increase in the Peteraa volcanic activity. Onne's Regional Author Carlos Bernales told the Trans-Andi media that "the presence of particles is greater, which is normal in a yellow alarm situation where the Planchón Peteroa Complex is located." These events continue, and some of the larger forces, so we invite the community to calm down. "

Early on Friday Petero was registered emissions of ash and gases in the low-altitude product of "long seismic signal". For that reason, the area was monitored on a continuous basis and on Saturday the situation seemed to calm. But in the afternoon, the national sanctuaries warned of extending the volcanic ash to the Argentine territory and ordered the evacuation of the international passport to Vergara forces because the border inspection was left without supplies of water because the volcanic eruptions of volcanoes are volcanic ash.

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