Thursday , May 6 2021

Rodrigo Eguillori's new life in jail: he is imprisoned for the Marcos Paz rapist repatriation

Rodrigo Eguillor, tell those who follow him closely, what happened to many prisoners coming to jail for the first time.

I had started Cited by the Allied Criminal Court lwhen the PFA arrested him last Friday at his father's gambling company's house in the closed Canning district, transferring him to the court where Judge Carlos Bruniard had been tried in court 48. Eguillor he refused to be handcuffed with gray prisons. "Do not touch me," he repeatedHe also refused a simple medical examination.

Then, seeing himself in prison, Eguillor changed his attitudes: he began to feel depressed, something typical for primary trainees. Maybe he realized his new reality.

Today, the criminal prosecutor Paula Martínez Castro, accused of rape by 22-year-old girl San Telmo, has been imprisoned in the Marcos Paz prison for sexual offenses. She is not surrounded by other prisoners, at least not at the moment because she is stored in a single cell when evaluating experts.

However, the son of the prosecutor is not in the minutes of the protection of physical integrity, such as Cristian Aldana when he came to the same jail in December 2016, despite the fact that other prisoners are afraid of him: that Eguillor is in the alleged sex offense units, there is sufficient protection, the demographic structure made by the federal amnesty facility in order to avoid differences between the battles.

that Marcos Paz's Sex Offender Program for example, footballer Jonathan Fabbro, processed and pre-trial investigation of the alleged abuse and corruption of one's own wickedness. Conclusions of the Eguillor Assessment expected in the coming days.

In recent weeks there were rumors of the court that showed that Eguillor would be got a diagnosis of psychiatric disorder at some point in his life, just during her final high school grade and that her mother even started applying for precautionary measures at the family law of Lomas de Zamora, which prosecutor Martinez Castro refused to confirm or deny before the hearing Infobae.

But sources close to a file that investigates rape they will reject this version. If there were any doubts about the psychiatric condition, Eguilloria should have been called PRISMA program, the SPF's mental health unit to which he was sent, for example, "pity" Álvarez, after killing a man at Villa Lugano in the Samore neighborhood with three bullets and Patricio Santos Fontanet, singer Callejeros.

Judge Bruniard, on the other hand, He felt that he should not let him go that his freedom would mean a manifest danger of flight. Master rHe issued the order to release Eguillor's official defender, considering he has the means to escape the information published by Eguillor Telam.

Sometimes next year, Eguillor is sentenced in criminal proceedings 9 in the case of another abuse, the second alleged attack, this time without any carnage, was called to the employee of the Casino de Buenos Aires, mother and grandmother, in April 2016 at a parking lot. "I walked with my penis", assured the original complaint against him.

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