Thursday , May 6 2021

Salting killed the baby and the parents warn of the dangers of herpes

The happiness that brought Kiara to the Cummins family at the end of July disappeared only a few days later when the little girl's health deteriorated until she died.

Kiara was ten days old when Kelly and his favor, Thomas Cummins, They took him to the hospital because his weight had dropped dramatically. It was the beginning of a tragedy for this British family living in Dewsbury.

They still do not know how Kiara contracted from herpes. When he was in the hospital, physicians awakened him into a pharmacological coma and told his parents that if he survived, he was likely to have brain damage. After a few days, machines that kept him alive went out because the infection became sepsis, that is, an organism's inflammatory reaction to a serious infection.

"We were always very careful and we did not allow anyone who looked sick or who had not washed his hands to come in. We asked ourselves if anyone would have been bothered by blisters but not, and we would never have allowed it", Kelly told the Daily Mail.

The little girl was the first daughter of the couple even though she was her fourth mother. "The whole family had to say goodbye and then they left us exhausted", reminded a woman who now seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of herpes.

"There is not enough information about this disease, not even healthcare professionals, all I want is that parents and doctors can train themselves from simple herpes virus and how disastrous it can be." he expressed.

Herpes is very contagious and has two types: Type 1, which causes cold vomiting, and Type 2, which usually causes genital herpes and can be passed on to neonates during vaginal delivery. Less, the transfer can take place in the placenta or from newborn to hospital or family staff.

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