Samsung Galaxy A has a fingerprint sensor under the screen


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The new rumor coming from South Korea strengthens the family's move Samsung Galaxy A equipped with a fingerprint reader under the screen 2019.

Fingerprint On Screen Technology (FOD) is one of the greatest trends in the industry mobile phonel, but hitherto reserved for high quality devices. However a few weeks ago there was a rumor that showed it Samsung I had planned to introduce fingerprint reader under their mid-sized phones, and this information is coming to fruition with new reports from Asian countries.

And according to the South Korean media, Samsung has been blocked by the service provider fingerprint reader Under the panel, a Chinese company Aegis technology. If this information is true, a series of cell phones Galaxy A From 2019, this technology is developed, a business that gives them the opportunity to stand out from the competition and the growing number of back cameras.

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however fingerprint reader does not have the same characteristics as the one expected to be fitted Samsung Galaxy S10. Instead of having a flagship ultrasound fingerprint sensor, cell phones Galaxy A install an optical sensor.

Optical fingerprint sensors work by illuminating the screen and causing the light to reflect on the finger, allowing the component to take a picture of the fingerprint to identify the user with algorithms that detect foot modelsl.

Unlike ultrasound-, the optical sensors are less accurate because the first ones use the ultrasound a three-dimensional image of fingerprints. Optical readers are cheaper, so it makes sense Samsung choose this type of mid-level.

At present, it is not known which model designs are available Galaxy A is equipped with this technology in 2019, and we must also keep in mind that Samsung He has not yet confirmed anything, so we have to wait for more information.



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