Scandal on the river – Boca: released 30 arrested


Radiators are weighed by the precautionary measures they have can not approach a 500 meter radius of a monumental stadium or a millionaire match while the trial continues.

According to the police and legal sources borrowed by á, people were arrested at night, charged with "attack and resistance to the authorities"And"Damage damages public property".

The case was brought by Prosecutor Adriana Bellavignan, Prosecutor's Office for Criminal Offenses and Offense No. 6, which also investigated an attack on the Boca campus bus.

"Micro of Boca"

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Thus Boca micro was

The incidents had begun on about 15 Saturday at the intersections of Del Libertador and Lidoro Quinteros, about five blocks from the stadium, where dozens of river fans were when the Boca Microwave went there with the Police.

Then several micro-broken windows, including after driver, stone, and other elements attack.

Another wave event took place after the party had been suspended and had new detainees and many others delayed.


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