She read the intimate diary of her 10-year-old daughter and noticed that her father raped her


28 year old man he was arrested salta and counted sexually abused your 10-year-old daughterafter the appeal the victim's mother who discovered what happened when she read a minors' diary, according to sources of law.

María Luján Sodero, the prosecutor of the Crime Unit for Sexual Immunity 2, seriously accused aggravated sexual exploitation by repeating a criminal man, and was aggravated by coexistence, bondage and custody in a real race, to the detriment of his 10-year-old daughter.

A mother of a minor found an intimate diary from a girl without a safety padlock and decided to read it. The girl revealed that her father had been subjected to sexual exploitation.

In this situation, a woman searches for her daughter's school and took her as a psychologist, to whom he said that abuses had been repeated three or four times, and gave some other details.

The woman with the staff and the authorities of the school in which she participates has filed a similar complaint.

When his wife was despised, the defendant denied everything and left the house, but in the subsequent contact they had with the mobile phone, He admitted what happened.

That was why it was prisoner and after prosecution, the prosecutor's office asked for his detention.


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