Sol Pérez recalled his grandmother's tragic death: "He hit the car and nothing ever heard"


A very tough story was released this Sunday, Sol Pérez visiting the classical southwest of Mirtha Legrand. First of all, the former Weather Girl He remembered smiling at the father's dad: "I cry every time I remember him when I was little, I loved dancing and working, he lived with us, then he was like my mother and grandmother wanted me to be Dance. I was your fan (Mirtha Legrand). "

Then she told the sad part of her family member: "Grandmother died in an accident in June 2016. He hit the car and nothing ever happened. It was just in front of the Bocalandro hospital. "He went on:" He went to the study because he did not want anything, he had cancer in his stomach, they used him and he was very important: he played tennis every weekend, Aquagym and went to computer programs. He was 82 years old. "

The sun, with tears in his eyes, said: "One morning I went home to study and my dad said," Will I take you? "But he took the bus and across the street to Bocalandro, red, presumably leaving the forklift and walking over my grandmother." He added: "Everything was very strange as it was at 6.30 and seven in the morning and the cameras at that time did not work."

"They did not stop him?" Mirtha asked. "No," Perez said. And he continued: "The police at that time gave a response "He was an older person" and the most strange was that when my grandmother was an accident, the phone rang in my house and they told me that you must come to Bocalandro. Here they told me that your grandmother was an accident, but they did not tell me that he was already dead. "

"I called my dad and he ran to the hospital when my grandmother arrived, he was on blood and on clothes, they did nothing, was that the accident was in the morning at 6.30 and died at 12 o'clock," he said. . And he asked himself, "What did you do all the time?"

Finally, Sol Pérez said he always dances with the program. "I do not know if I'll ever be over it," he told the driver. "I was uncertain if he knew what I loved him", assured you.


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