Sol Pérez's call, which moved Mirtha Legrand – 25.11.2018


After a complicated week that ended nicely Dance 2018, Sol Pérez (25) visited the program on Sunday Mirtha Legrand (91 years old) and moved the diva lunches when we remember her grandmother's tragic death occurred two years ago. He started crying in the air and Chiqui comforted him.

Did this Sol remember El Trece's round trip? road accident who ended his grandmother's life, Araceli (82 years) in June 2016, when a woman left for medical consultation and was ridiculed of the authehe who fled To the door of the Bocalandro hospital.

After Mirtha's question, Sol remembers this a tragic day he responded to report to his family what had happened since the medical authorities called him. however the first to arrive was his father.

"My dad ended up with Bocalandro and, When he arrived, my grandmother was still blood and clothes, that means they did nothing because he did He was an accident at 6.30 and died about 12.30 … What did they do all the time? "Vedette complained. Once again.

"The girl" was changed to remember her grandmother. (TV screenshot)

At that time, Mirtha wanted to know if it was true that her grandmother wanted to take her Bailando and Sol could not contain feelings. "Before I go to the track, I always sign of the cross and ask him to help me. It's something I would never win. You always have such things "Do you know how much I loved him?""she told through tears.

Then Mirtha raised his glass, and the eyes also blurred with emotion, said:Of the Treaty on toast Araceli, who is in heaven, I'm sure"He looks at us because he was a fan for you," added a happy "girlfriend".

Sol Pérez and Mirtha Legrand and other guests this Sunday. (Twitter)

Sol Pérez and Mirtha Legrand and other guests this Sunday. (Twitter)

In addition, besides, too Exhibition specialists (El Trece at 16.15) reminded that after his grandmother's death, he started to go better and better, and even Mirtha invited him to the table for the first time.

"I said "Grandma sends me all this". I think all that happened to me later, he sent it to me and I really appreciate it. I love her and I always love her, "said Sol, in tears.


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