Saturday , May 8 2021

"The Argentine labor force is part of the last century"

Marcos Galperin, founder and CEO MercadoLibre, was elected President of the Apertura magazine in 2018. It is a reference to local entrepreneurship, to a greater extent those who call innovation and technological revolution two key development keys. For this reason, he analyzed the situation of the country's workforce and its financial stability in an interview with journalists Pablo Ortega and Florencia Radic.

These are the main words of his report:

– "The Argentine labor force is part of the last century, it is the principles of industrialization when one comes and makes you 200 times from the same task and the owner of the factory takes advantage of the employee. Today we go to Europe, the United States, to China".

– "We need a working framework for our employees because they come Works done 100 years ago are automated and disappear. As long as we want to continue defending, they gradually disappear because, as a society, we do not want them to continue to exist because they are repetitive and boring and the machine is going to do much better".

– "If you see the Argentinean statistics, the private sector has not produced jobs in recent decades. In some provinces most jobs are from the state but if they have to adapt to where these people work if the private sector does not create jobs? "

– "Taxes on software related exports are strongly reduced. If it stays, the software industry is under way. Gold, gas, oil, meat, wheat, soy, it's right. But software is in the brain of people, they get to the machine and go anywhere. In fact, our biggest challenge is to keep our programmers coming from companies from other parts of the world who come to "steal" us. It is a completely mobile industry, but the authorities and everyone must understand it, it is different from the others. "

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