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The hours went by overwhelmingly paying national government, CGT and business negotiation to private sector workers for an extra five thousand pesos reward that hardly tried to offset 12 percent of the workers' losses. average wages last year.

The average wage in Argentina was 26,164 pesos in September, according to the latest Ministry of Labor. As a bonus, the average annual income of private sector employees was 340,132 pesos. This amount was reached with an average parity of 25% higher.

Inflation in September was 40.5 per cent in September. This means that wages will lose up to 15.5 points so far. If salaries were linked to inflation, the average annual net profit would have been 381,056.

This means that the Argentinean, whose pay was 26 164 pesos (national average), ceased to receive 40 924 pesos all year round until September. The bonus will then only be reimbursed for 12.22% of what was lost.

The amount of compensation proposed is not in line with yesterday's revolutionary trade unions and employers.

The government's commitment, prior to the leadership of the Workers' Association, by ordering the reward of five thousand pesos (which costs half in November and the second in January), the reward granted by the decree, responded to the industrialized yesterday, they warned that more than 10 out of 10 businessmen can not pay this fee.

The situation was expressed by Vice President Daniel Funes de Rioja, representing the business side at the table formed to formulate the regulation.

"All the companies that can do are limitations on how I pay, how to finance this, when most of the companies working in Argentina are SMEs, and credit is now limited by interest rates," he said.

Funes de Rioja stressed that the main points of the business counter-proposal are by extending the amount of debts to pay bonds to three or four and to facilitate a soft credit facility to mitigate the effects of "really unrealized interest rates" for companies lacking sufficient capital.

"This is to be looked at with realism with caution, you can not hide your hands on the sky, and yesterday (on Tuesday) they saw Indec's industrial activity drop numbers, with a contraction of more than 11 percent. gets consumption if there are companies that are able to pay (bonus), "he said.

For it?

It has even emerged that UIA also requested that the decree would confirm that the weight of five thousand debt would be due to future increases, which would have caused the rejection of CGT.

The dome of the Union also came to "mark a court" to honor the terms of the commitment in which Minister Dante Sica took over last Tuesday's CGT two leaders, Hector Daer and Carlos Acuña, and UIA,

At the end of this summit, Daer announced the principle that it would pay the bonds in two installments and establish a mechanism by which labor interviews and trade unions can intervene to prevent unjustified redundancies until at least March.

"We hope that the regulation will come under the conditions we all propose, and certainly there is no use of force," Daer said yesterday, reiterating that the CGT's government will again meet today to assess whether the national government has reached or does not end the fifth strike on Maurizio Macri's administration .

Unspecified official gestures do not necessarily convince all members of CGT leadership.

The General Secretary of the Health Organization also explained yesterday that the extra fee does not apply to state employees because he explained that "the public sector has a parallel discussion with the UPCN and Andrés Ibarra, deputy head of the National Cabinet.

"We negotiate not only the bonus but we have applied for the third time to resume our parity," explained UPCN Secretary General Andrés Rodríguez.

They warn of the situation of pensioners

The third-time defender, Eugenio Semino, reduced the income of pensioners by more than 20% as a result of inflation anticipation.

He repeated his request that the retirement was updated in the pensioner's basket and that, according to his estimates, $ 21,137 was in August.

Adaptation of retirement in 2018 is, according to the Mobility Act, 28.5 per cent predicted inflation of 45 per cent. In turn, they lost four or five points from the old and new jumps.

Almost 60 percent of pensioners charge at least $ 8,600.

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