Saturday , May 8 2021

The center already has competitors – Diario El Ciudadano and the area

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Hardly a week and two days after the scam which marked the final of the Copa Libertadores, which River won at Boca Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, next year's cup is already in danger because Monday was the attraction in Paraguay's city of Lucca. And Central is part of the 60th edition, which is a member of the Group H together with Gremio de Brasil, Universidad Católica and one of the 3 winners in the winner that is the winner of the Bolivia 3 vs. Paraguay Freedom League and Atlético Nacional de Colombia vs. Stage 1 winner La Guaira (Venezuela) vs. Real Garcilaso (Peru).

The last participation of Central in Libertadores took place in 2016 with Eduardo Coudetti as a technician. This team went on to the next round as they first went to their group, won the Gremio 16 rounds by winning both games and quitting the Colombian national Athletic champions in the quarterfinals.

The first three stages, four teams to the end of the group, will be played from 22 February to 28 February. while the eight zones are 5-9. May. The 16th turn will take place from 2 July to 11 July. rooms, July 30 – August 8; semifinals, September 24 – October 2, and last in Santiago de Chile on November 23.

It should be noted that the first two in each zone are cut out in 16 rounds and the third will be in Copa Sudamerica's 16th place.

In 2019, Copa Libertadores is played for ten months and has a remarkable novelty that the last, for the first time in its history, is a unique game in the pre-set stage: the Santiago de Chile National Stadium.

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