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The controversy of "La Voz Argentina" winner raised models online – 12/17/2018

Winner La Voz Argentina, the musical reality that that Marley led by Telefe, was Uruguay: Braulio Assanelli, 22 years old, from Canelones, horse Tamer. And of course: In social networks, strong controversy is unleashed.

"#LaVozArgentina, complete enthusiasm", for example, a Twitter user was downloaded. And he went on to say, "Lucas (Lucas Belbrunon, not a seer who was placed second after the audience's phone number) is a better voice than Braulio. La Voz Argentina and Braulio is Uruguay. "

Not at all excited Ricardo Montaner, who took the prizes of 500,000 pesos, was a successor to the program: "The winner La Voz Argentina this is Uruguay with Venezuelan coach … close all, boys. #LaVozArgentina #LucasBelbruno # ArgentinaGeneroso Country. "

At the same time, the other viewer made it: "Juliana (fourth, Juliana Gallipoli) even loudly it was much better, and how, how Uruguay wins La Voz Argentina? "

Of course, that was not all anger. There are serious things at the end of the day. So there were also people who took it with humor. "La Voz Argentina he is Uruguay Basta, Macri, "wrote one user, adding:" But how is Uruguay's victory? La Voz Argentina? Hahaha. It's like they told me that the Libertadores de América finals are played in Europe ".

But, as expected, there were also catapults in them everyone wanted to be inhabited by social networks.

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