The delivery of Martín Fierro de Radio was suspended


Tomorrow, 20, they intend to award the Martín Fierro prize to the best of ether between July 2017 and July this year. APTRA, however, decided to suspend the ceremony Libertadores Superfinal.

The news was confirmed by Luis Ventura, Chairman of the Federation of Television Suppliers and Argentina Radio. "I think it is harmful, very high risk of taking another event on such a meeting"She said in America.

During the Monumental events, the party, which was going to contest today's 17-year-olds, moved tomorrow to the same timetable. Martín Fierro de Radio will not be delivered until Monday at 9 pm. The host is Pampita, which Mario Pergolini strongly criticized for "because he never played any role".

The broadcast starts at 20 and can be seen NET TV.


Morning News Program AM

– Every morning (Miter, Marcela Longobardi).

– The screen wakes up (Continental, Nelson Castro).

– Tomorrow Sylvestre (Radio 10, Gustavo Sylvestre).

-New Listing 910 (network, Luis Novaresio).

FM Morning magazine program

– We're Nobody (Juan Pablo Varsky, Metro)

– And now who can help us (Ernesto Tenembaum, Radio with you)

– Plastic Watch (Juan Di Natale, Mega)

AM in the evening program

– I'll give you my word (Alfredo Leuco Miter)

-Viale 910 (Jonatan Avenue, La Red)

-Pending home (Pablo Rossi, Miter)

FM evening program

-Data information (Daniel Santoro, Metro)

– A huge minority (Reynaldo Sietecase, Radio con vos)

-Tarde for nothing (María O & # 39; Donnell, radio with you)

Night magazine AM

The desired news (Miguel and Nicolás Wiñazki, Miter)

-Confessions (Cristina Pérez, Miter)

Thinking it Well (Jorge Fernández Díaz, Miter)

FM night program

-Raviolandia (Pedro Saborido, Bitbox)

– I thank you (Nicolás Artusi, Metro)

– Give me a signal (daniel Dátola, FM Uno)

Weekly AM and FM

– double tube (Cecilio Flematti, Rivadavia)

– Early Saturday (Marcelo Bonelli, Miter)

– Summary of the rapporteur (Darío Villarruel, radio 10)

Music program

-Hector Larrea (National Folklorist)

-In addition Beatles (Rivadavia)

– Sunrise (Rock & Pop)


Books that bite (Guillermo Piro, city radio)

-Rayuela (Silvia Bacher, AM 990)

-Meeting Summit (Carlos Ulanosvky, AM 750)

Information service

– Network




-Guillermo Bidondo (La 100)

-Juan Ferrantes (Rivadavia)

-Rubén Paredes (network)


-Mariano Angarola (metro)

-Mariel Di Lenarda (invitation)

-Silvina Brandimarte (network)


– one Niembro (AM 950)

-Closs Continental (Continental)

-Superior Sports (minor)


-Claudio Rico (network)

-Lizy Tagliani (100)

-Roberto Moldavsky (Continental)


-Agustín Festa (metro)

-Leo Rodríguez (Aspen).

-Maxi Vargas (National Folklorist)

Consumer columnist

-Gabriela Radici (tenth)

-Marina Calabro (invitation)

-Tamara Pettinato (radio with you)

The public interest AM

-Bravo Continental (Fernando Bravo, Continental)

– See what we see (Villarruel / Llorente, AM 750)

-Plato strong (María Laura Santillán, Nacional)

A public utility program in FM

– Moro Clubs (La 100)

– Sexy People (Blue)

– Not all have said (La 100)

-Perros de la calle (metro)

Weekly General Interest (AM and FM)

-Domingo 910 (network)

– Goblin (Del Plata)

– What night Teté (Radio 10)

Woman's journalistic work

-Kristina Pérez (invitation)

-María Laura Santillán (national)

-Romina Manguel (Milenium)

Man is a journalistic work

-Ernesto Tenenbaum (Radio with you)

-Darío Villarruel (AM 750)

-Jonatan Viale (network)

-Marcelo Longobardi (invitation)

Woman driving

-Marcela Feudale (Radio Uno)

-Moria Casan (late)

-Elizabeth Vernaci (radio with you and Pop)

-Adriana Salgueiro (Rivadavia)

Man driving

-Alejandro Fantino (network)

-Andy (Metro)

-Guido Kaczka (100)

-Santiago del Moro (100)


-Gonzalo Bonadeo (AM 750)

-Gustavo López (network)

-Mariano Closs (Continental)

The female voice

-Maria Monteleone (World)

-Yamila Segovia (Radio with you)

-Romina Zuasnabar (AM 990)

Male voice

-Daniel Cufre

-Bebe Sanzo

-Ricardo Guazzardi (Continental)

Police / Legal Columnist

-Rolando Barbano (invitation)

-Liliana Caruso (Rivadavia)

-Paulo Kablan (Pop and Radio 10)

Political analyst

-Alejandro Bercovich (Radio with you)

-Sergio Berensztein (Milenium)

-Maria O & Donnell (Metro)


-Jimena Blizniuk (metro)

-Martin Aguirre (invitation)

-Florencia Puyos (network)

Sports commentator

-Hugo Balassone (network)

-Fernando Pacini (invitation)

-Gustavo Lombardi (invitation)

bank clerk

-Martin Perazzo (AM 990)

-If Gabriel Carabajal (invitation)

-Walter Nelson (network)

Guido Kaczka and Santiago Del Moro, candidates for their programs at La 100.
Guido Kaczka and Santiago Del Moro, candidates for their programs at La 100.


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