Saturday , May 8 2021

The production of SMEs declined in November by 5.6%

Although the home market does not go away, industrial SMEs decreased by 5.6% in November compared to the same month last year, According to information from Argentine medium-sized businesses (CAME). It has been in the seventh consecutive months of the industry.

In October last year, measurement results grew by 1.6% and seasonality year-on-year increase of 2.2% compared to the same period of 2017.

The figures correspond to CAME's monthly industrial research, among 300 SMEs. The elephants and leather goods markets suffered the most in November (-18.2%), metal products, machinery and equipment (-14.7%), wood products and furniture (-13.5%), paper, cardboard, printing and printing (-5.8%) and chemical products (-4.2%).

Production of industrial SMEs

"Devaluation has only partly benefited us because we have a lot of costs in dollars and we had to change the sales price several times during the year, "said Lewin, vice chairman of the Argentine machine tools and production engineer (CARMAHE), who could take more if the situation helped. But as Lewin clarifies, getting new customers is a task that takes time.

In October, 50.6 per cent of the consulting industries ended in annual production (53.9% in October) and 41.2% grew (36.7% from the previous month). "Although most companies are still falling, the share of growing companies has improved again," CAME said in his report.

In November, the declined profit was the share of profitable sectors from 32.6% to 36.3% in October. "Combining large companies with a lower percentage without profitability reflects a the strategy is not durable, but necessary, ie reducing prices even to sell at a loss to reach liquidity. But the segment's share of the negative and zero levels remains high in profitability, "was agreed on the consultation of industrialists.

"The payment request was extended a lot, especially those who are paying delays and the number of abandoned checks is enormous, "they added.

For some subsectors in the housing sector, in November, according to the CAME report, one of the worst months of the year. This applies, for example, to the production of countertops for the kitchen and furniture. The same footwear and leather products, sales and production were very low. For example, clothing and food, bankruptcy and possible foreclosures increased this month.

The fact is to be taken into account: according to production orders, only 8.2 percent of businesses expect revamping the economy in the first quarter. Instead, 55% declare themselves in the second half, ie from July. 17.1%, on the other hand, is less optimistic, argues that in 2019 there is no longer activation.

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