The pyramid industry declined for the sixth consecutive month


industrial production fell by 5% in October and achieved this year's sixth consecutive month losses for Argentinean medium-sized enterprises (FIRE).

According to the agency, the market's lack of liquidity, poor quality of the payment chain and excessive interest rates are the main problems in the industry. So far this year, production SME will fall to 1.9% compared to the same period of 2017, CAME assured.

The data comes from the Monthly Industry Survey, conducted by around 300 companies across industries and across the country. In October, the least active products were "Calzado y marroquinera", "Rubber and plastic products", "Wood and furniture products" and "Paper, cardboard, printing and printing".

This month "food industry" (0.1%) and "non-metallic minerals" grew slightly, while chemical production did not change. The positive factor is that the use of SMEs' capacity increased slightly to 58.7% in October, although the sector's share remains too low.

The CAME document also states that Industrial Production Pyme (IPIP) index was 79.8 points in October. "Production development does not seem to turn back and will continue at least on Wednesday next year," says the Information Economy of the Argentine Center (CIIECCA), the Pablo Bozzanno, CEO of the Electronics and Communications Technology Company.

The administrator also warned that "the installed capacity is less than 60%" and specifies that "the companies are not currently burning, but do not even redraw waste".


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