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The relief of an ophthalmologist boy who has been convicted of abuse: "We felt disappointed" – 22.2.2018

Santiago Bustince, a young man who joined Twitter with his trial with his brothers and mother about his father's abuses, spoke of his "relief" after an eye doctor arrest, who dropped this Friday Dodge in prison for nearly five years.

"I have mixed feelings: on the one hand, enormous anger in justice and on the other hand relief after so many years of struggle that this goal must be so that the right knows the pressure and whether it is impossible to do so. a system that protects abusers and disrupts victims"said Santiago, who proclaimed on December 12 in social networks how the legal ties between the prestigious ophthalmologist Fernando Bustince & # 39; in the Quilmes area kept him out of prison.

Following the rejection of his family's neighbors and acquaintances, the provincial police stopped him on Friday in his country, Fincas de Iraola, in Berazategu. Despite the fact that 12 years have passed since the appeal was filed repeated violations of their children and even though the conviction has been strengthened three times, especially Bustince was arrested because it broke the border.

"We easily crossed it once a week, he lives in the same neighborhood as us, I saw him last Monday, he makes a face for me, he smiles, he plays football, my brother (17 years old) crossed it in the gym and blond wine, crying, my sister (16 ) chased him by car. We saw it constantly, and we felt ridiculed"added Santiago.

In a dialogue with TN, a young man said that his father "never" asked for forgiveness because "his head is very dark" even though he admitted that "I would not forgive him".

"We have been silent for years, we have not published it before, because my sister did not feel ready, she is very strong for a teenager, but against Thelman (Fardin, Juan Darthés). .

Fernando Bustice, ophthalmologist arrested for sexual exploitation and rape of children.

Fernando Bustice, ophthalmologist arrested for sexual exploitation and rape of children.

According to the young man, his grandfather and aunt (Bustince & # 39; s father and sister), who are respectively judges and lawyers, have worked together to keep the case "drained" for so long.

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