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The rodent announced that the guards raped him "El Pata" after playing Medina – 12/17/2018

Juan Pablo "Pata" Medina (65) is imprisoned in Ezeiza prison since September 2017, accused of "illegal association, extortion and money laundering". Over the last few weeks, the Uocra La Plata Trade Union for nearly two decades has said that the Federal Prison Service (SPF) agents beat her at the doctor's request. His witness was Lucas Azcona (27), who was sentenced to life for a Chilean student Nicole Sessarego Bórquez (21).

"I will condemn human rights", the feminist warned the guards, the answer, as confirmed toot his lawyer, Jorge Borgo, arrived the next day roughly as follows: they got their cell, dazzled him with a flashlight and raped him with a bone.

The appeal was lodged with the federal court of Lomas de Zamora and was given to judge Federico Villena, who commissioned Ezeiza prison pavilion C, which was completed last week, confirmed Monday the sources of this newspaper's consultation.

Nicole Sessarego Bórquez, Chilean student died by injecting Almagro.

Nicole Sessarego Bórquez, Chilean student died by injecting Almagro.

Everything would have happened at 15:00 on Monday, 10 December, in Prison Module 1, which she shares with other prisoners. raid on They found bones and underwear that were bleeding.

Azcona, however, did not want to check the doctor who had been given the Nation's prisoner.

The complaint made by Medina against the offenders was the warning that accused him of "attack and opposition to authority".

Juan Pablo "Pata" Medina, Uocra La Platan Trade Union was arrested. Photo by Mauricio Nievas

Juan Pablo "Pata" Medina, Uocra La Platan Trade Union was arrested. Photo by Mauricio Nievas

"El Pata" had been transferred to Module 1 after the scandal fought with Kirchner's businessmen Fabián De Sousa and José María Núñez Carmona.

In November 2016, Azcona was sentenced to life imprisonment for Sessarego Bórquez's offense, which died on 15 July 2014 near Almagro.

The judges of Criminal Law No. 15 found him guilty of "the homicide greatly doubled the fraud and femiside".

A young Chilean student was found murdered on July 7, 15, 2014, a boy who went to school and found his body as a key located on the Don Bosco Street 4109 headquarters building. .

After several months of investigation, pictures of security cameras were released, where a young man walked behind the victim.

Azconan's sister acknowledged him as guilty and told him about his father Roberto, who handed him over to justice. "I know the mistake of what he has done, he has to pay for what he did," the man announced.

The results of the autopsy showed that the victim had 11 faces and body and did not have time to defend himself. DNA analyzes were categorical: they showed "99.99 percent of the coincidence of the scourge and the detected blood of Azcon".

Experts who evaluated Azcona had psychologically stated that young people are "conflicting with women's numbers" and that women are "invalid or disabled".

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