The sixth month weakened: the industrial output of SMEs fell sharply in October



According to the monthly industry survey, the most important weak points in the industry are the lack of market liquidity, the poor quality of the payment chain and excessive interest rates.

According to CAME, the production of SMEs decreased by 1.9 percent in 2018 compared to the same period of 2017. The data comes from around 300 companies from different industries and from across the country.

"The production direction does not seem to come back and will continue at least on Wednesday until the middle of next year" (CIIECCA)

The study showed that October's lowest activity targets were "Footwear and leather goods", "Rubber and plastic products", "Wood Products and Furniture" and "Paper, Cardboard, Printing & Printing".

Those with mild growth were "Food" (0.1%) and "Non-Metallic Minerals", while chemical products did not change.

However, use the capacity increased further slightly to 58.7% in October, although it is still too low in the sector.

"Development of production does not seem to turn back and will continue at least on Wednesday until the middle of next year," says Pablo Bozzanno, Managing Director of the Information Management, Electronics and Communications Commission of the Argentinean Center (CIIECCA).

The director also warned that "the installed capacity is below 60%" and stated it "Businesses have not been waiting for good reason now, but they do not reform their lost payments".


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