Thursday , May 6 2021

They found the missing young man's body: he was buried, lime covered and amputated with his hand

Héctor López (25) They were looking for him last Tuesday. Yesterday they found the body: both hands shot, half buried and lime covered. The body was found about 1 000 m away from his vehicle being found in the "El Doradillo" field on the outskirts of Puerto Madryn.

"As stated in the study, this is the reason for all spices in the drug trade", Investigative prosecutor Silvana Salazar explained at a news conference and again insisted that the federal law should take action on Rawson's seat.

The finding of the body came after an opinion giving a reserved identity the witness who "provided accurate information about the location of the body" was informed of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

Thus, the fact that an official of this division, together with the police, found a body that was in an advanced breakdown state and lime "eaten".

On Wednesday last week, he was found dead in his house Nicolas Cerrudo (21) with signs of hanging. 24 hours earlier, he had witnessed the disappearance of Lopez. Cerrudo left a letter in which he declared suicide and asked for his family to survive. "This happens to play with fire," he said in a letter.

The General Prosecutor's Office sent a letter found to the calligraphic expert to find out the writer, revealing the revealing of the autopsy: Cerrudo showed signs of torture in the genitals and was suspected of having been subjected to torture.

The story does not end there: the one disappeared, which is searched intensely. They are called Federico Lomen, he is 25 years old and has not been recognized since November 21st.

López, Cerrudo and Lomenia attended the same group and usually traveled to Buenos Aires to find clothing for sale at Chubut.

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