They rescue a trailer that contains many used items


The video includes various templates, eliminated enemies, and Resident Evil 1.5 content.

Resident Evil 2 is one of the great classics of the genre horror of survival and one of Capcom’s most beloved games of the horror saga, a title that had a fantastic remake in 2019 and is currently held for all cult game, but its development was marked by a series of setbacks resulting from the cancellation of the sequel to Resident Evil, which was baptized Resident Evil 1.5.

Licker’s presentation was very different from the one we metIn this context has been trailer for E3 1997, which led to the release of Redient Evil 2, which is saved and which, despite its quality, hides many discarded goods interesting Some enemies, such as different types of zombies, settings and backgrounds from the disabled RE 1.5, as well as some changes in character models and weapons.

Resident Evil 2

We can see enemies thrown as a spider hybridIn the trailer, we see a different formula than what we knew introduction to the scary LickerAs Leon approaches the pool of blood, his head falling from the ceiling and immediately after, the creature falls in front of us. He is serious previous version which was eventually used, with a famous cut in a movie theater where we would meet a monster.

Also emphasizes the abandoned enemy, a a hybrid between a human and a spider. Capcom canceled Resident Evil 1.5 when it was about seventy percent of its development, and it hides an interesting story behind the project we tell in Marc Rollan’s article The Funs.

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