Traagia on Route 34: Three women died in the dark on the road


tourism company collision a the car that wanted to turn in U, police sources. The event has happened Route 34, in a walking distance at intersection 11, more specifically in the town of La Tijera in Santiago.

In principle, it happened that three women lost. They are implemented a Citron C4 who wanted to curl into U and noticed that the microsphere was very close.

A colleague who belongs a tourism company in Jocoli, Saltra province, was operated with passengers, most of the Bolivia, which were intact. So much for a micro-driver ready for trauma on the left shoulder.

The unauthorized victims were trapped in the twisted tracks of the vehicle.

Small wheels were driven Cecilia Roco Montero (38)who traveled in the company Stella Maris Mussin (55) and Mara Celeste Monteros (30). All of them were the commander of the unit's Reconquista General Obligado, Santa Fe Province.

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