Thursday , May 6 2021

United Kingdom: A woman claims to be a brain tumor to cheat and condemn her to prison

A 36-year-old woman has been convicted United Kingdom four years in prison for lying to relatives and lovers suffering from brain tumors and lying 250,000 pounds ($ 315 477) for presumed treatment.

Court Snaresbrook (In the northeastern part of London) convicted a woman known by the name Jasmin Mistrywhen he had shown that he deceived his relatives in order to gain a victory by displaying them fictitious messages from the physician and brainwash he had downloaded google.

Prosecutor James Benson also announced that the woman "showed her husband obvious symptoms of illness: going to the bathroom to vomit, saying that she was in the stool and needed help to climb and descend the stairs".

The British police said in the trial that Mistry Leicestershire (England) first lied to her husband in 2013 and told him that she had cancer and showed him a fake WhatsApp message, which her doctor supposedly had sent.

As the police revealed, the defendant himself sent medical messages to use another SIM card on his phone.

In the following, in the wrong message from the experts, he told Mista that he had only six months of life if he could not attend treatment United States 500 000 kilograms ($ 630,954).

Then a husband. Vijay Katech contacted relatives and friends in trying to get donations for treatment, which allowed him to collect a total of £ 253 122 (319 $ 420).

Katech, 40, told the Mirror newspaper that he would "never return" the fraud he was a four-year victim.

The first doubts about women's fraud began when her husband's friend found a woman's brain scan on the Internet.

Mistry was arrested in November 2017 and confessed to the police that he had no terminal illnesses and that he did not know why he had lied.

According to the sun, a woman fell 28 people, including her family and friends, saying she needed expensive prosthetic therapy.

The police described the behavior of the defendant as "weird" and "surprising" and said that he "did everything possible to emotionally and economically manipulate" his relatives.

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