Sunday , May 16 2021

United States: Offer $ 100,000 to anyone who can stop using a mobile phone for a year

Only Americans can participate and do so, they must send before January 8 post on Twitter or Instagram with hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest and explain what they would do if they could not get their mobile phone for one year.

couples cell phone usage

Chosen You can not use smartphones or tablets even if you can use laptops or desktops. In addition, you get a mobile phone from the 90's, so you can only call and send text messages.

If you can not reach smart phones or social networks for the year, you will receive a $ 100,000 prize. If it's only six months, the prize is $ 10,000. Vitaminwater checks your honesty by sending you a wrong screening test.

According to statistics, 8 thousand millennials use their devices to perform everyday tasks such as managing their finances, calculating bills, buying online and watching or listening to content online. 43% check the phone at least every 20 minutes.

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