Úrsula Corberó told me the worst thing about Chino Darín's girlfriend


Actor Úrsula Corberó, known all over the world in Tokyo for her character of La Casa de Papel, told how difficult she is to deal with Chino Darín.

The technology created visible changes in life and uses and habits. Just as the Internet helped to slow down the communication times, it also provided users with the opportunity to gain the great benefits that had previously been suspected.

As Netflix's case with a lot of content from cartoon movies to the movie, of course, go to the series that have come to improve the visualization of visualization.

One of them is undoubtedly La Casa de Papel. A successful Spanish production that won a success story on its plots and its special features, such as the names of characters that created a counterfeit team trying to pluck the mint. All inspired by cities around the world: Helsinki, Rio, Nairobi, Denver, Moscow, Stockholm, Oslo and Tokyo.

The last was interpreted by a Spanish actor, who in our country did not have the most famous international actresses. However, La Casa de Papel was successful in the catapult Úrsula Corberó because it has made it possible for her to shine her work in the eyes of the whole planet, which without the power of technology would have been much more difficult for her.

Mrs Corberó and a very intimate confession of her professional

At age 28, Chino Darín's girlfriend has some popularity that made him learn to live in recognition of people in his country and also of journalists who usually ask for interviews more often than before.

In one of the most recent interviews, Úrsula Corberó He noticed that Chino Darin's relationship developed very firmly, although he admitted that he had some emotional ups and downs: "My boyfriend has just left me, and from now on we are a month and a half to see each other, and we came for a few months and for no one to see each other. hard this is! "Said the miserable Úrsula hardly answered the phone.

then Úrsula Corberó He tried to look for the positive side of things: "We have learned from the past when both had poisonous relations and that we were left untold, and now we know what we want, that is, the healthy people who inspire us to be better people, not ego games or battles. , almost forever, infinite, smiling and tears. "


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