Sunday , May 16 2021

Verónica Llinás explained why Actrices Argentinas did not support Valeria Bertuccelli's public redundancy against Ricardo Darín

Last week, the Actrices Argentinas group held a press conference to inform Thelma Fardin of the offense against Juan Darthés, cast during the tour Ugly duckling in 2009 in Nicaragua. The effects of the words of the artist led many other women to report the abuses they suffered throughout their lives.

Verónica Llinás attended the conference, like many other Actors. And this Sunday, Twitter was interviewed by the user about why Actrices Argentinas followed Thelma Fard but he did not publicly support Valeria Bertuccelli when he accused Ricardo Darín of misery.

"It is striking that there were other cases in which the Actors (Bertuccelli) reported assault, which were not taken into account or rejected. How do they settle for themselves? ", wrote to the user.

Llinássi replied: "It was discussed at the General Assembly and voted on. There was no support. This is democracy ".

Bertuccelli had told on Wednesday that he had a bad experience from Darin when both worked Scene of partner life. The actor revealed that he repeatedly treated her "crazy" on several occasions, insulting him, and when he told him that he wanted to get away from work, everyone got worse.

"There was a push in one scene and he pushed me harder than I should have done It's always hard to say because it's done a thousand times by acting that you have to push and push harder it's part of a good job to leave the body weak to not hurt you, but the logic shows it If I push you more normally when we have that scene, please apologize right away. ", he told report Page 12.

Then, Sicilian Griselda, Dolores Fonzi, Julieta Cardinali and other Actors They supported Ricardo Darín. "Che, @ bomber admirer, did I mention that I love you?", Former wife of Adrián Suari wrote on Twitter.

"I do not know, I'll tell you, but I also love you and more!", He joined the Fonzi social network. "I think ugly," the Cardinal added.

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