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We asked Xiaomin 2019

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What do we ask for Xiaomia 2019? The Chinese company has burst heavily on our country, and the truth is that the results are with it if we have something that we like many of us – if we have – a good value for money, and this is one of the specialties of an Asian company.

Xiaomin's progress in recent years has been incredible and he has earned him the opportunity to join the world's five manufacturers, but you can always improve, and today we think what do we think we should work in this year 2019?

Xiaomi, this is what you need in 2019

NFC in the central area

Only a few of the goals we can place in the middle of Xiaomi are undoubtedly the best manufacturer in this segment and 100-300 euros, it is very difficult not to recommend the company's terminal. Their list is huge and the purpose of such extension is, No matter what you want to use, you will be the ideal Xiaomi.

Over the last year, however, we have forgotten the need to invest in the deployment of NFC connections in its segments, and it is a step that sooner or later, Xiaomin needs to provide the growing business compatibility with mobile payments.

That is why we think 2019 is the year when Xiaomin should start implementing this technology at its mid-level. In fact – and although it is a low-cost, rather than mid-level – NFC was one of the most significant absences we saw in Pocophon, An unbelievable terminal, but there were no shortcomings.

Pocophone F1

Polish – even more – MIUI

MIUI has developed well in recent years, and the truth is that MIUI 10 is one of the best, if not the best, just right on Android. High gloss design, great optimization and numerous options are some of its strengths.

However, it can be improved because in some places it seems quite complicated, for example, in the case of notifications. And Xiaomi terminals have not activated floating declarations or blocking means by default, and if you want to get them, you need to manually activate them one at a time. A priori task is simple but it seems unnecessary to be uncomfortable.

In addition, MIUI believes there is too much bloatware, such as a calendar, a scanner that is also integrated with a camera, mail, browser or compass. applications that Xiaomi could give us the opportunity to remove or even disable – if we want to replace them with third-party alternatives. An alternative that is now impossible without root.

MIUI 10 space bar

Keep in your mind and pull the battery at top level

It is clear that if Xiaomi has achieved his position, it follows the philosophy that he seeks bring solvent and cheap mobile technology to all types of users, and that is something that today seems to be an invaluable strategy.

In addition, we would like greater sovereignty. Do not get us wrong, it is not that high-end Xiaomi is a low battery, but we all know and many of us have tried the Redmi range.

The autonomy of these terminals is cruel, and Xiaomi has demonstrated with Pocophone F1 that it will be able to achieve these results in high-speed terminals, So why do not you do it at all? In fact, it would be different in relation to its powers, which is very important.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s vs Pocophone F1 Lock Screen

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