Saturday , May 8 2021

"White hips": women took a new video clip Mon Laferte | TV and exhibitions

The Chilean singer continues to talk with his record rule, which we already knew about Singlet Why did I fall in love with you? and Kiss.

In this context, Mon Laferte ended up thinking about videos for all types of women, thinking a fraction of the canons of beauty set in the media, and thus appreciating the beauty of nature.

In a very colorful place, dance groups combine Mon choreography, which seeks to teach people, as well as with the challenge Love me.

The lyrics go into the characteristic of interpretation, in other words it is full of singing in romance and sensuality.

Mon Laferte / Instagram

Mon Laferte / Instagram

"Take the white loneliness, Take what you want, there is nothing to lose, shake me in kisses, give room, I want to lose myself skin with cinnamon"Dedicated, right?

In the leikki, the artist said in his statement: "You see this diversity in white honeymooned women with brown hips, wide hips, soft hips, solid hips, all kinds of women It's a declaration of love and freedom and they want to enjoy love with someone, a couple and enjoy life."

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