Who are the winners and losers before the possible electoral division of the province


by Maxi Pérez (@ perezmaxi), correspondent NOVA government and legislator

During these hours, the leaders of the Buenos Aires province develop a quiet, but intense, inner sense, and it is linked to the possibility of holding next year's elections, some of whom believe improving opportunities for re-election to the governor María Eugenia Vidal and Cambiemos husbands are still in the scenario of deepening the economic crisis.

The governor did not make a clear statement on this issue, but made this debate possible, and this week's seventh electoral roll on the tour almost slashed some details about how negotiations with national governments on developing funds will be developed for 2019, when the promotion of elections is one of the pressure on the province.

"It is hoped that new works will be renewed by the upgrade of the Conurbano Fund, I told the mayor that I did not want to promise what I would certainly do, and we have to wait to restore the update so that there is a new job," Vidal said after the meeting Gustavo Cocconi, Communist leader of Tapalque as part of an official visit to the districts of the province.

This is the key to understanding why this time the president is not automatically aligned with Rosada. Is it also possible with a contract with the president Mauricio Macri, is obliged to provide independent communications, which also breaks the financial crisis's responsibilities.

Even though it has not been accepted openly, most of the ruling party's representatives, especially in the circle where Macr's negative image could seriously damage their chances of re-election, as well as the peronism robbing an area waiting for national definitions, and the mayors of Cambiemos have no firepower to move forward ahead of the President's voting flag.

The latest available information reported that only in February the Cambiemos campaign team would decide to overthrow the Buenos Aires elections, although in reality the definition would give the PRO, which once again deny radicalism, even if the centennial power is in good shape if it is within a national strategy, including Mendoza, who controls Alfredo Cornejo.

Double play in Massism

The Front Renovador was the first opportunity to hold elections, even though in this case the aim was to allow participants to call for elections outside the national calendar and to be excluded from rumors, their own Sergio Massa I would have asked Vidalia with the currency along with the budget.

The deal is not successful and massive is vibrating and although it is still the best option to switch from voting to vice-presidents to adopt a "law", it no longer has such a clear position on the promotion of elections and moments until it appears that regional leaders in that area have the freedom to act to approximate agreements in the areas of peronism.

At the same time Frente Renovador will also test the country to launch its first candidacy for the governor, deputy Jorge D Onofrio, who does not officially end his intentions of competing but is shown to be his most active team with a strong criticism of the county government and a conciliatory expression of another opposition.

Against Peronism

In the case of complicated planning of electoral processes, no doubt the peronism of the province is definitely the winner, who counts its history for collectors, referrals, membership of the law, and of course lists of sheets and papers. attraction from top to bottom and sometimes from bottom to top.

The truth is that now that unity agreements are progressing, just peronism opposes great election observation, such as the progress of the elections in the province, mainly because part of the success in 2019 depends more than withdrawing its own national candidate, regardless of whether Macri's negative weight in the Congregation flags.

In this respect, there is also scientific evidence that the center of the polling station, in particular the candidate's candidacy, is least likely to have caused the "hooking" effect on other classes, so keeping the entire system where the primaries and the list of pages are the ideal framework to overcome the much-feared "Vidal effect" .

Therefore, none of the peronis candidates, such as Veronica Magario, Francisco Durañona or Alberto Samidthey are not even considering debating and, if it was finally discussed among the legislators, prepare for an economic objection that resembles the view of Cambiemos' intentions, which seeks to eliminate PASO, in other words, doubling the elections in the municipalities would be a waste of resources.

At the same time, questioning the control and the critical acid that Magario has always started to cure. This week, the mayor of San Antonio de Areco added that Vidal is a "visible creature" clearly referenced in recent days to the Governing Council.

In short, the peronism near Cristina Kirchner does not want to know anything about it, but decided to ignore it and focus on all efforts to flag the Buenos Aires government's mistakes.


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