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Why WhatsApp Started Preventing a Message to More Than Five People – 12/22/2018

whatever WhatsApp At the time it was launched, it meant the mobile device's instant messaging platform, its use (and continuous updates) led to it becoming a fixed communication tool, and as such big black hole with false news. But at least it seems that Facebook, its owner, began to take action to prevent the spread and harassment of the chains.

If for some reason you tried to send a message that someone had sent you may not have been able to do so. This is because WhatsApp's latest update for Android, to be implemented soon on iPhone, includes a limitation on how many times the message can be transmitted: a total of five.

While for some, this seems to be an unexplained irritation, it is an attempt to stop the spread of abuse and harassment. In fact, telling us that the message was bitter, the same goal is being pursued. However, with this new measure, the spreadsheet of a bulletin is more complicated when their message is replayed massively.

In the case of a photo or video, it must be stored in the phone and sent back as a new message. And if the text messages are copied and pasted, they are sent as a new message. This partly avoids mandatory transportation, without thinking if the information we receive is real or not.

WhatsApp began to stop spreading lies on its platform. (Picture: REUTERS)

WhatsApp began to stop spreading lies on its platform. (Picture: REUTERS)

Also measure makes it difficult for political parties to use the application with other organizations. Obviously, the sending of the memos is also partially stopped. Although it is not expected to stop sending virus messages completely.

Don't forget that the messaging feature was activated in 2018. By then, virus messaging in the communications application was more than consolidated.

Nor do we forget it afterwards Lynching happened in India WhatsApp has already restricted the retransmission of messages in Asian countries by the child abduction chain. It was one of the measures taken, but even the advertisements appeared in the press.

In any case, even though it is a small step, it isthe first time WhatsApp works to stop the spread of lies through the application. Do we see more measures to curb false information? It is possible that yes. Well, no matter how widely used WhatsApp is used, platform criticism will be more effective.

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