Saturday , May 8 2021

Without lawyer Juan Darthés is looking for someone to represent him in the face of serious complaints: they ask him property

A week ago Juan Darthés was a lawyer for a doctor Ana Rosenfeld, who dealt with his civil rights and doctors Fernando Burlando that he had criminals. Within seven days he lost two professionals: Rosenfeld left a notification on Twitter and Burlando decided to be part of the defense Thelma Fardín.

Today, the actor is looking for a lawyer's group to represent him. As you may have known telecommunications show, Darthés met several lawyers this weekend, seeing the opportunity to take matters and defend it. Your main advantage is find a professional who can follow him to Nicaragua, the place where the events took place and where Thelma Fardín made a statement of objections.

There are not many professionals who can represent Darthés in Nicaragua. I mean, they must have a registration which operates in Argentina and has been established in that country.

Recently, Darthés saw several criminals, but only one of the interviewers met the necessary requirements. The thing is in it the selected professional asked him a huge sum of $ 500,000 to take the case. A large number, but not so much of a reason for that complexity.

Near the actor they say that Darthés sold the property long ago and that the proceeds from that sale were already intended to pay for his defense when the whole thing exploded. Darthes knew that complex issues were coming, as was Calu River's demand.

But so, the actor must find a legal representative to defend him Managua. Teasing would have suggested to Darthes that the only way to "succeed in translating a public image" was to travel as soon as possible in the country where Thelma complained and "got to the right".

This journey may also be complicated for the actor, because maybe because the rape began there when he started Nicaraguan soil, he could be arrested and awaiting trial in jail in this country. No one knows for sure what can happen in the Central American country.

This is a scenario then: for all accusations – the Argentine media and the Nicaraguan judicial system – Darthés does not yet have a lawyer. If the actor decides to pay half a million dollars, he can finally be a lawyer who takes him as a client in both our home country and Nicaragua, Ahead of Fardin's very serious accusations and Juncos and Coacci's harassment. And even the new announcements he already knows will await him in the coming months.

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